musical visuals


Artist find each other. The graphic art here is the visual representation of the ideas, & concepts other artist, friends, & collogues of mine have come up with. Through the design process, gathering these ideas, these are the end products. 

musical visuals


Same concept, same idea, the gathering of the thoughts behind the visual representation of a brand, company, or entity. Logo design has always been a deep seated love and underlying passion of mine. The psychology behind shapes, colors, space, iconography & symbols harmonizing in such a way to magically tell story, and create allure. Vectors are my bread & butter, I’m always trying to sandwich in another logo design. 

clerical office


Style & design find there way into everything. A simplistic & elegant design doesn’t get noticed, it works. Document design to me, is conveying data & direction, with thoughtful positioning & spacing as to flow the user through from start to finish. 

aubible visual


Motion, tempo, rhythm, movement, expression, syncopation, all come together, and it’s all about timing! I have a certain sense to me, a style if you will. When the time calls I like to see things take action.